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James L. Payne

Dr. James L. Payne is a research fellow at the Independent Institute and author. He earned his PhD in political science from the University of California at Berkeley, and he has taught political science at a number of universities including Yale University. 

James L. Payne's Articles

Voluntarism in Health: A Forgotten Solution

Free clinics allow physicians to help the poor.

- November 01, 1993

Advice to Youth Seeking to Go Down in History from the Editors of Time

If you go into politics, you are more likely to wind up a villain than a hero.

- June 01, 1993

Can Voluntarism Survive the Taxman?

Taxation undermines cherished institutions and functions.

- April 01, 1993

Tough Love for the Needy

Habitat workers promote self-reliance—and success—in the needy they are trying to help.

- August 01, 1992

Throwing Money at Social Problems

Money is getting too tight to keep dumping our policy confusions in the laps of far-off politicians and pretending it’s a solution.

- May 01, 1992

How Many Laws Are Enough?

Sexual harassment should not be brought under government regulation.

- April 01, 1992

Why Public Schools Fail

Where consumers are free to choose, suppliers organize themselves to deliver a superior product.

- June 01, 1989

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