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Floyd Arthur "Baldy" Harper (February 7, 1905 – April 1973) was an American academic, economist and writer who was best known for founding the Institute for Humane Studies in 1961. He worked with FEE in its early years. 

F. A. Harper's Articles

Liberty: A Path to its Recovery

This 1949 book by Harper is a short and very readable overview of the concept of liberty, written at a time when liberty was under threat in all sorts of ways. He discusses three types of liberty: of thought, of personal relationships, and economic freedom. He also explores the relationship between rules and liberty as well as the importance of distinguishing voluntary from involuntary relationships. The final chapter is a musing on how liberty can be recovered.

- September 09, 2009

Why Wages Rise

- August 03, 2009

Morals and Liberty

Testing the Welfare State idea against five fundamental ethical concepts.

- July 01, 1971

Fighting Fires Privately

An economic analysis of the case for

- August 01, 1958

Philosophy Through the Bars

Great works of literature have been written by men who used wisely their time in prison.

- February 01, 1957

Well, I'll Be Switched!

A bit of speculation concerning human relations.

- January 01, 1957

Why Wages Rise: 10. Leisure and the Better Life

This article will deal with leisure and its relation to wage rates.

- December 01, 1956

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