Edmund A. Opitz

The Rev. Edmund A. Opitz (1914-2006) was a Congregationalist minister, a FEE staff member, who for decades championed the cause of a free society and the need to anchor that society in a transcendent morality. A man of wide reading and high culture, Opitz was for many years on the staff of the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York. He was one of the few voices in the 1950s through the 1990s calling for an integrated understanding between economic liberty and religious sensibility. He was the founder and coordinator of the Remnant, a fellowship of conservative and libertarian ministers.

Edmund A. Opitz's Articles

#24 -"Americans Squander Their Incomes on Themselves While Public Needs Are Neglected"

Freedom means spending your own money the way you choose, even if you sometimes choose foolishly.

- September 26, 2014

Freedom and Majority Rule

Politics reflects the character of the people.

- June 01, 2005

Ethics And Business

There is an almost universal bias against business on the part of novelists and dramatists.

- March 01, 1993

Defending Freedom and the Free Society

With a proper religious orientation, we can work out a philosophy of freedom.

- January 01, 1993

The Impossible H. L. Mencken: A Selection of His Best Newspaper Stories

Mencken is a man eminently worth knowing, and there’s no better way to make his acquaintance than by poring over this wonderful collection.

- July 01, 1992

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