E.C. Pasour

E. C. Pasour, Jr. is professor emeritus of agricultural and resource economics at North Carolina State University. He is coauthor with Randal R. Rucker of Plowshares and Pork Barrels: The Political Economy of Agriculture (Independent Institute, 2005).

E.C. Pasour's Articles

Your Money—Your Choice

ABC ignores the most important public policy problem in a free society.

- October 01, 1993

The Right to Food

Some hard questions for those who would claim or grant any such "right."

- April 01, 1986

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Monopoly advantages which persist over time are invariably due to governmental restrictions on entry by potential competitors. Instead, emphasis should be placed on improving the investment climate as a means of fostering entrepreneurship and small business activity.

- September 01, 1982

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