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Donald Smith

Mr. Smith, a frequent contributor to The Freeman, lives in Santa Maria, California.

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A Toast to the Holidays

1991 was a wonderful year for liberty. Donald Smith's cause for celebration—that there are people willing to die to be free—remains true today. It's a cause for celebration, the usual nonsense of our rulers notwithstanding. 

- December 31, 2013


There is no market for simple, unadorned competence in public life.

- October 01, 1992

The $100 Tree Fern

An item or service is worth only what another person is willing to pay.

- August 01, 1992

The Rifle by the Door

Although we don’t like to admit it, the spirit of America is the spirit of resistance.

- July 01, 1992

Microcosm: The Decline of U.S. Competitiveness

Our declining role in world markets is the fault of stifling government regulations.

- June 01, 1992

A Most Sensible Man

It was Smith who presented economics as a unique discipline and who first saw the producer and the consumer as vital elements in the economy of a nation.

- May 01, 1992

Sports: The Great American Surrogate

What government has taken away, the Yankees, Bears, and Lakers have put back.

- March 01, 1992

The Big Nag

- November 01, 1991

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