Dennis L. Peterson

Member of FEE Faculty Network

Dennis L. Peterson is an independent writer-editor based in Taylors, S.C. His first published article was for The Freeman (May 1981). Since that time, his work has appeared in a wide variety of magazines and journals, including The Freeman, Scouting, Elks Magazine, Blue Ridge Country, The Writer, Journal for Christian Educators, The Christian Classroom, Christian Library Journal, numerous homeschooling publications, and others. His work has been reprinted in several textbooks and anthologies, including two by FEE (The Spirit of Freedom: Essays in American History and Public Education and Indoctrination). He is also the author of Confederate Cabinet Departments and Secretaries (McFarland Publishing, 2016).

For nineteen years, Peterson taught junior high/high school history and writing in private schools in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania and a homeschool co-op in Tennessee. He…

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