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Daniel J. Smith

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Daniel J. Smith is an Associate Professor of Economics at and the Associate Director of the Johnson Center at Troy University. He is a member of the FEE Faculty Network

Daniel J. Smith's Articles

Filthy Stinking Profits

Perhaps no one exemplifies taking the risky and difficult path to improving others’ lives more than the skunk-oil entrepreneur.

Frank Woolworth and the Minimum Wage

Frank Woolworth wound up benefiting millions of consumers and employees. Minimum-wage laws would have made it all impossible.

Damage Control

Disasters leave more than just destruction in their wake. Corruption rises as States try to administer aid. Private organizations do a far better job.

Lessons in Disaster Recovery

In the wake of natural disasters, people on the ground are the best situated to make sure the recovery moves fast enough to take hold. The State should mainly get out of the way and remove regulatory barriers it created before.

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