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Brittany Hunter is a Staff Contributor at Generation Opportunity.

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The Surveillance State Seen through a 'Black Mirror'

If this sounds strangely familiar it is because it is exactly what our own government has been doing over the last several years.

- January 13, 2017

Overregulation Kills Beloved Neighborhood Restaurant

“The climate for small businesses like ours in New York have become such that it’s difficult to justify taking risks and running — never mind starting — a legitimate mom-and-pop business.”

- January 11, 2017

Ohio Leads the Way for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform in 2017

While 2016 saw numerous civil asset forfeiture reform efforts on the state level, reinstating the Equitable Sharing Program presented a major problem for these state victories. Luckily, the Ohio legislature took the Equitable Sharing Program into consideration while crafting their reform bill. By closing a loophole the state has ended a wasteful spending practice funded by this program.

- January 10, 2017

New York Jumps on the Free College Bandwagon

Governor Cuomo is well-intentioned but his plan does nothing to address the drivers of rising tuition costs. Colleges and universities will have even less of an incentive to control or lower tuition costs.

- January 09, 2017

What Puerto Rico Can Teach Us About Raising the Minimum Wage

After the 2007 Fair Minimum Wage Act passed, each of the fifty states was required to raise the minimum wage. Few Americans realize that this legislation was also applied to the U.S. territories to a devastating effect.

- January 07, 2017

Without Uber or Lyft, Austin Experiences Skyrocketing DUI Rates

While still mourning the loss of her 20-year old son to a drunk driver, Deborah and the rest of the Tatum family decided they needed to act quickly and do whatever they could to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. This is what ultimately led the family to become such avid supporters of the ridesharing industry. But since Uber and Lyft had to leave their city of Austin in May 2016, DUIs have risen 7.5 percent.

- January 04, 2017

San Francisco Puts an End to Uber's Fleet of Self-Driving Cars

Well, that didn't take long. One week after releasing its new self-driving cars in its hometown of San Francisco, Uber has been forced to pull them from the roads thanks to the DMV and a regulation that doesn't apply.

- December 25, 2016

Commutations Are Not Enough to Fix Our Broken Criminal Justice System

To be sure, Obama’s clemency campaign has most certainly benefited the lives of those who were included, and also their families, but it does nothing to address the countless individuals who were left behind in the process.

- December 22, 2016

The LAPD Is Doing the Taxi Cartel's Dirty Work

The LAPD recently allocated $850,000 to continue sting operations on ridesharing drivers. That money comes primarily from the local taxi cartel, which imposed a 20-cent increase in fares to finance the corrupt attempt to stomp out competition.

- December 16, 2016

Santa vs. the State: The Free Market Miracle on 34th Street

Luckily, the distressed Cole's Department Store happened upon on the real Santa Claus, who turned out to be a marketing genius. Shopper’s Express, on the other hand, turned to cronyism when they couldn't compete in the market.

- December 14, 2016

Teenagers Say No to Drugs and Tobacco, Yes to Vaping

Today’s teenagers have the lowest rates of ecstasy, heroin, and meth use on record. In 1991, 27.5% of teens considered themselves smokers. Today only 10.8% do, but 44.9% said they have used a vaping device. But government regulations against vaping in favor of big tobacco could impact the cigarette decline.

- December 13, 2016

You Try to Provide Shelter for the Homeless and You Get Fined $12,000

By creating criminals out of do-gooders, and then sending those in need back to into the state’s arms, we are not doing anything to strengthen our communities.


- December 11, 2016

Taylor Doose, the Gilmore Girls' Favorite Statist

As the self-appointed patriarch of the town, Taylor has complete and often unchecked control of Stars Hollow, something he loves exploiting whenever possible. When it comes to overregulation, Taylor’s enthusiasm for laws is unmatched by any other resident.

- December 07, 2016

We Might've Just Dodged Obama's Final Blow against the Middle Class

Imagine you are called into your employer’s office just a few months before the holiday season and are told that due to new federal regulations, you will be bumped from your salaried position and moved (back) to being an hourly employee. This is the reality the employees of Hobby Works, a small hobby and gift shop in Laurel, Maryland faced.

- December 06, 2016

Try to Feed the Homeless and the Food Police Will Bleach Your BBQ

The health department didn't stop at forbidding the food from being served, they demanded that it be destroyed immediately. 3,000 pounds of award-winning barbecue were doused with bleach while 3,000 homeless people missed out on a meal.

- November 24, 2016

Ridesharing: An Etiquette Guide for Fellow Millennials

Millennials may be extremely gifted at technological pursuits, but when it comes to old school social skills, like holding a conversation that does not require a Wi-Fi connection, we are severely lacking. However, ridesharing could potentially provide the solutions to our lack of social skills.

- November 21, 2016

Can Parents Afford a Higher Minimum Wage?

While the prospect of a higher wage appeals to just about everyone, many seem to forget that money does not simply appear out of thin air. Governments may be responsible for enforcing wage policies, but it is the employers who are left with the financial burden of figuring out how to provide for these pay increases.

- November 17, 2016

Millennials: America's Favorite Scapegoat

Millennials are ruining everything, or so the rest of the country seems to think. According to the internet, young Americans are to blame for the downfall of just about everything this country holds dear. From destroying the workplace experience to bar soap, my generation is, supposedly, single-handedly responsible for the destruction of American values.

- November 10, 2016

Single Mom Facing Jail Time for Selling Homemade Ceviche

From the persecution of child-run lemonade stands to the crackdown on potlucks, everyday citizens are treated like criminals for behavior that has traditionally played a huge role in our American way of life. Now, a single mother in Stockton, California is facing a year behind bars for accepting compensation for a home-cooked meal.

- November 08, 2016

New Overtime Rule Threatens the "Side Hustle"

Want to work from home to oversee a house repair or need to quickly pick up the kids from school and take them to daycare? You can't anymore.

- November 02, 2016

Homesharing Falls to Cronyism in Manhattan

“It’s baffling to us in this time of economic inequality that folks would be looking to impose fines of as much as $7,500 on a middle-class person looking to use the home that they live in to help make ends meet.”

- October 24, 2016

Life After Asset Forfeiture: One Family’s Struggle to Reclaim Their Property

“They took everything, the birth certificates, the adoption papers. There was nothing that they didn’t destroy, they ripped off facings of the cabinets, every picture was off the wall.”

- October 23, 2016

Does Criminal Intent Matter Anymore?

Criminal intent is a core principle in any mature legal system, however that doesn't stop governments from prosecuting and convicting people who had no idea they were committing a crime.

- October 21, 2016

The TSA Was and Is a Gigantic Mistake

In 2015, it was revealed that TSA had failed 95 percent of the undercover security trials conducted by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Inspector General. Since TSA has continued to demonstrate its incompetency without any substantial attempts to improve the quality of its services, it is clear that our country needs to begin looking for other options.

- October 20, 2016

The Government's War on Vaping

With several studies on the safety of vaping available, it is clear that there is more to these new regulations than just concerns over the nation’s health. Instead, it would appear that, once again, cronyism is being used in order to protect one industry over another. As far as vaping regulations are concerned, the only clear winners are big tobacco and big government.

- October 17, 2016

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