Bob Ewing

Member of: FEE Faculty Network

Bob is the Director of Media Relations for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. He lectures nationwide on effective communication strategies and has authored 45 published op-eds/articles and three magazine features. Bob provides media training for attorneys, activists, and clients, enabling them to explain complex issues and share personal stories in effective, simple terms.

Bob worked for FEE in 2005 as the Leonard E. Read Research Fellow, and held a prior position at the Institute for Justice as well.  He lives in Arlington, Virginia, and enjoys spending his free time rock climbing with his wife and puppy.

Bob Ewing's Articles

Atlanta Vendors Fight to Protect Economic Liberty

Larry Miller and Stanley Hambrick are proof positive of what entrepreneurship can achieve. But because Atlanta has been obsessed with running street vendors out of business, Miller, Hambrick, and other vendors in Atlanta have been unable to provide for their families over the past several months.

- October 31, 2013

When Free Speech Collides with Occupational Licensing

The Supreme Court has said surprisingly little about the ability of occupational licensing laws to trump free speech. Steve Cooksey’s case presents an ideal opportunity for the high court to finally address this unresolved issue.

- July 18, 2012

The Battle to Save American Street Vending

The recession in 2008 tightened consumer wallets and forced many out of work, which led to a street-vending boom. And, sure enough, new regulations followed. In 2009, Atlanta officials decided to create a citywide vending monopoly.

- October 26, 2011

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