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Anthony de Jasay

Anthony de Jasay is an influential independent philosopher and economist who has become one of the world’s foremost exponents of classical liberalism.
Following World War II, de Jasay worked as a freelance journalist in his native Hungary until he was forced into exile. He became a research fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford, and has published in the Economic Journal, the journal of Political Economy, and other scholarly journals. 

Anthony de Jasay's Articles

Think of a Number: A Theory of Rational Forecasting

We don't know how many blood-curdling economic forecasts are the result of career planning rather than sincere professional conviction. What we do know, though, is that such forecasts are the best method of deepening the gloom, frightening the credulous, and making the worst more probable.

- May 21, 2009

Think of a Number: A Theory of Rational Forecasting

An economist can gain notoriety and fill his appointment diary with lucrative conferences by having some of his forecasts for U.S. economic data, made two years ago and looking quite eccentric at the time, come gloriously true. This random event inspires me to put forward the sketch of a theory of rational forecasting. More . . .

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- January 19, 2009

Belt and Braces in the Labor Market

Like every exchange, the exchange of labor for money is protected, as it were, by a belt, the contract.

- June 01, 2006

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