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Allan Brownfield

Allan C. Brownfeld is the author of five books, the latest of which is The Revolution Lobby (Council for Inter-American Security). He has been a staff aide to a U.S. Vice President, Members of Congress, and the U.S. Senate Internal Subcommittee. He is associate editor of The Lincoln Review and a contributing editor to such publications as Human Events, The St. Croix Review, and The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Allan Brownfield's Articles

The Inherent Inefficiency of Government Bureaucracy

Inefficiency in public enterprise is no accident; it is built into such noncompetitive endeavors.

- June 01, 1977

Is Freedom High on Today's Agenda?

Freedom, alas, is more often given away than taken away.

- September 01, 1975

How Rent Controls Hurt the Poor

Price-fixing results in a shortage of available housing.

- March 01, 1975

A Theme for the Bicentennial: The Founding Fathers' Fear of Power

A review of the early warnings about the concentration of political power.

- October 01, 1974

The False God of Politics

Man cannot find in Washington, D.C., answers to questions each must answer for himself.

- February 01, 1974

Political Corruption

One result of all-powerful government and centralized power.

- November 01, 1973

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