Friday, January 20, 2017

As We Go Marching

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Preface by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Author’s Note

Part One: The Soil of Fascism: Italy
I · The Bad Word
II · The Democratic State
III · The Soil of Fascism
IV · Tax and Borrow and Spend
V · The New Industry
VI · The Magnificent Drug
VII · The Incredible Synthesis
VIII · Time for Greatness
IX · The Rise of Fascism
X · What Is Fascism?

Part Two: The Bad Fascism: Germany
I · The Impartial Microbe
II · Resetting the Scene
III · The Revolt of the Masses
IV · Old Devil Budget
V · The Supreme Project
VI · The Planned Society
VII · Machiavelli’s Men
VIII · War
IX · Hitler
X · Good Fascists and Bad Fascists

Part Three: The Good Fascism: America
I · Permanent Crisis in America
II · The Good Deficits
III · The Righteous Autarchy
IV · Democratic Militarism
V · American Imperialism
VI · The Last Mile
VII · Final Note


  • John T. Flynn was a journalist, author, and prominent critic of the New Deal and foreign wars.