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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why So Many People Struggle to Find Their Dream Job

To get a dream job you have to start working and create it.

You won’t find your dream job on or any other job board. You won’t find a job description that ticks all the boxes you are interested in. If you are waiting around for the perfect job to appear, you will be waiting a long time.

To get a dream job you have to start working and create it.

Jobs Are Dynamic Relationships

Most people view employment relationships as a fixed unchangeable state instead of a dynamic two-way relationship. As a result, they fixate on job descriptions and discount their ability to adapt and develop over time.

They turn down good opportunities and wait around for a remote job that fits their skill set with a company they love to show up on a careers page. When that job never appears, they are left stuck and nitpicking the real opportunities that they have because they aren’t perfect.

The way to get a job you love is not waiting around for the perfect job.

Take trying to get a job at your favorite company for example. Maybe your ideal is to do marketing at a cryptocurrency startup, so you check out the job board of your favorite company and see an executive assistant position, but nothing in the marketing department. You don’t want a career as an executive assistant, so you give up and lament your bad luck.

You run away from an amazing opportunity to get what you want because it doesn’t give you exactly what you want right now.

Find a Job and Get to Work

The way to get a job you love is not waiting around for the perfect job to open up for you. It is to start working and, through your work, creating the role that you are best suited for.

Instead of turning down the executive assistant role, jump on it, crush it, and after 6 months of doing great work, you will likely have the trust and experience to move into a marketing role.

Jobs are dynamic, not fixed.

Once you prove you can do your job well, it is much easier to move it toward the things you like and away from the parts you hate.

You don’t need to wait around for a job that ticks all your boxes. The remote job that perfectly fits your skill set with a company you love will never go up on Indeed. But that job is a real option; you just need to take a creative and longer-term approach to get it.

You need to remember that jobs are dynamic, not fixed and you need to take advantage of the opportunities you have today and start building towards the opportunities you want tomorrow.

Reprinted from Praxis.