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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Releases and Libertarian Classics Now Available for Kindle and iBook

FEE's library is being fully digitized

FEE has a long history of publishing both new and classic texts on the humane values and ethical principles of the free society.

Alongside teaching how markets work, FEE’s focus has always been on teaching why markets matter. That is, how commercial exchange, unimpeded by capricious government intervention, permits people to interact in ways they might not choose were it not for the need to trade. FEE has consistently promoted the ideal of the free society and shown how arbitrary coercion, from any source, is fundamentally incompatible with it.

FEE revived Frédéric Bastiat’s classic The Law with Dean Russell’s translation of Bastiat’s seminal work. Today it remains a sort of “gateway drug” into the classical liberal tradition.

FEE has printed hundreds of thousands of copies of The Law, and continues to distribute it in book form to seminar students and anyone seeking a better understanding of the nature of law and the inevitabilities of human-held power.

Increasingly, our distribution is going digital. hosts full texts of Essential Readings from Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt, FA Hayek, and Leonard Read.

Not only are these life-changing texts available through web browsers, but they are now available in formats suitable for all electronic readers.

These eBooks are accessible to people young and old who prefer the convenience and speed of delivery of their Kindle or iPad. Importantly for those readers, text in these books scales to the size of the reader’s screen and can be adjusted to fit his or her preference.

Now available for Kindle, iPad, and iPhone are some of FEE’s most popular texts, as well as some brand new releases:

These texts have been redesigned and optimized for the most popular e-reading platforms, complete with beautiful new cover art.

While we continue to distribute these texts physically, we strive to expand our distribution electronically so that they can be read by people across the globe — by anyone curious about the freedom philosophy and how it applies to a life well lived.

Coming in the next few months are new editions of FEE founder Leonard E. Read’s many books, beginning with his masterpiece Anything That’s Peaceful — available now with a new introduction by FEE president Lawrence W. Reed.

Reed writes, “There it was in one evening’s reading — freedom explained in its essence, socialism debunked at its core, a vision for a better world offered in a compelling — indeed, even inspiring — way.”

Keep your eyes peeled for more of Leonard Read’s books, alongside a series of beautiful compilations entitled Essays On Liberty, including contributions by Read, Hazlitt, Frank Chodorov, F.A. Harper, and Ludwig von Mises.

  • Richard N. Lorenc is Chief Growth Officer of Iron Light, an award-winning strategic marketing firm specializing in helping purpose-driven brands change the world. He served at FEE from April 2013-November 2021, most recently as FEE's Executive Vice President.