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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mass Protest against Socialism in Venezuela: Minute by Minute

The PanAm Post is blogging live about the event.

Venezuela’s mega-protest against the Maduro dictatorship: Venezuelans take to the streets again today for a march of potentially historic proportions. The PanAm Post is blogging live about the event both here and on our Spanish site.

On April 19, Venezuela celebrates the 207th anniversary of the start of its independence movement against Spain, prompting the democratic opposition against dictator Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship to organize marches in the streets of Caracas. The country remains under economic chaos, marked by severe shortages of food and medicine, hyperinflation, and an inept system of central planning controlled by Maduro’s cronies in the armed forces. Last week, Maduro sent helicopters to drop tear gas on protesters. This week, he announced plans to provide arms to 500,000 members of an untrained militia with the intention of combatting what he considers an “illegal effort” to topple his regime. These policy choices, coupled with pressure from the Organization of American States’ (OAS) increased effort to implement a Democratic Charter and the Supreme Court’s coup d’état against the National Assembly, have increased tensions in Venezuela.

10:15 PM

It has been reported that a member of the Bolivarian National Guard was killed in San Antonio de los Altos. Three dead after today’s protests.

ÚLTIMA HORA | Diosdado en VTV anuncia la muerte de un GNB -por impacto de bala- en San Antonio de Los Altos: “Aquí va haber justicia”

— Alberto Rodríguez (@AlbertoRT51) April 20, 2017

9:48 PM

The #NicolasMaduroASESINO etiquette is now trending worldwide.

9:30 PM

Demonstrations and strong repression are reported in San Antonio de Los Altos, Miranda. The Bolivarian National Guard is launching tear gas bombs at housing complexes and demonstrators.

EN VIDEO | Enfrentamientos en San Antonio de los Altos: Manifestantes incendian rinoceronte de la GNB

— Alberto Rodríguez (@AlbertoRT51) April 20, 2017

#URGENTE en San Antonio de los Altos fuerte represión por la #GNB en Av.Perimetral vecinos de la zona ayudar a manifestantes en zona

— Fabio Valentini (@FabioLValentini) April 19, 2017

8:50 PM

A group of Venezuelans in Peru has taken to the streets of Lima to protest against the Maduro regime.

Venezolanos protestan contra Nicolás Maduro en Lima, Perú.

— Daniel Blanco (@DanielBlancoPz) April 20, 2017

8:10 PM

400 people confirmed arrested during a day of massive nationwide protests.

#19A 7:00pm A esta hora más de 400 personas arrestadas el día de hoy en toda #Venezuela

— Alfredo Romero (@alfredoromero) April 19, 2017

8:08 PM

Protests in the la Florida neighborhood.

8:10 pm. Fuerte cacerolazo en La Florida. VIDEO:

— Gabriel Bastidas (@Gbastidas) April 20, 2017

7:30 PM

The Venezuelan opposition announces march plans for tomorrow, with 26 meeting points along the march route, culminating in front of the Venezuelan public defender’s office.


7:15 PM

Protesters in Bogota amass outside the residence of the Venezuelan ambassador to Colombia, in the north of the city.

Demostraciones por la libertad de #Venezuela y por el fin de la dictadura de @NicolasMaduro llegan a residencia de embajada en #Bogotá.

— Daniel Raisbeck (@DanielRaisbeck) April 19, 2017

7:00 PM

The Democratic Unity Party (MUD) issued an official announcement in the wake of the protest marches and government repression this Wednesday. Governor Henrique Capriles announced a demonstration for this Thursday, April 20, at the Public Defender’s office.

“We can not allow the government to set the agenda…Tomorrow at the same time and in the same place!” concluded Capriles.

MUD convoca a movilización para este jueves #20A, #EnVIVO por:

— VIVOplay (@vivoplaynet) April 19, 2017

6:20 PM

Veneuelan forum on criminal law announces: more than 270 detained in protests this Wednesday.

Foro penal informa más de 270 detenidos por protestas en #Venezuela #19VzlaEnLaCalle (Vía @alfredoromero)

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

6:15 PM

Opposition protesters managed to reach the public defender’s office in the states of Barinas and Carabobo.

MUD llegó a Defensoría del Pueblo En Carabobo y Barinas

— Unidad Venezuela (@unidadvenezuela) April 19, 2017

6:10 PM

The Colombian senate passed a resolution declaring that Venezuela’s democratic, constitutional order has been broken under the Maduro regime and asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take concrete diplomatic measures:

#UltimaHora Resolución Senado de Colombia que declara ruptura del orden constitucional en Vzla e insta a la Cancilleria a tomar acciones

— Luis Florido (@LuisFlorido) April 19, 2017

6:05 PM

Security forces have arrested at least 137 protesters in the last few hours in Venezuela.

#EnVIVO 137 arrestos se han confirmado en las últimas horas, en #LEV por:

— VIVOplay (@vivoplaynet) April 19, 2017

5:58 PM

Pollster Meganalisis states that 2.5 million people marched against Maduro today in Caracas and over 6 million marched nationwide. “The people are hungry and sick (of the regime).”

Medición: Casi 2.5 millones de personas en marchas opositoras de Caracas. Total Venezuela más de 6 millones. Un pueblo con hambre y harto.

— Meganalisis (@Meganalisis) April 19, 2017

5:55 PM

With more and more clashes between the security forces and civilians, opposition protesters keep on resorting to improvised barricades to protect themselves from state violence. These images are from the city of Mérida:

#Merida en estos momentos 4:30PM #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— ANONYMOUS VENEZUELA® (@CybernetVzla) April 19, 2017

5:45 PM

OAS chief Luis Almagro has condemned the Maduro regime’s use of repression and violence today:

Condenamos la violenta represión y muerte de venezolanos hoy #19abr. Basta de atropellos a los derechos de la gente

— Luis Almagro (@Almagro_OEA2015) April 19, 2017

5:40 PM

The Chávez-Maduro regime has taken numerous news outlets off the air. The latest victim of their censorship: Colombia’s El Tiempo Televisión.

#ATENCIÓN Gobierno de Venezuela saca del aire la señal de EL TIEMPO TELEVISIÓN

— EL TIEMPO (@ELTIEMPO) April 19, 2017

5:35 PM

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has expressed his concern about today’s events in Venezuela:

#ULTIMAHORA EEUU observa con “preocupación” la situación en Venezuela, dice Tillerson #AFP

— Agence France-Presse (@AFPespanol) April 19, 2017

4:35 PM

A member of Venezuela’s feared National Guard spontaneously joined the anti-Maduro protests in Valencia. If more servicemen follow his lead and disobey their superiors, could this become a Harald Jaeger moment?

Funcionario de la GN se incorpora a manifestación en Valencia #19vzlaenlacalle

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

4:15 PM

The PanAm Post‘s Orlando Avendaño says that today’s protests in the city of Valencia are the largest in recent history:

#Exclusiva | El registro de marchantes el día de hoy en Valencia es increíble #19vzlaenlacalle

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

4:10 PM

After protesters filled the streets of Valencia, the Chavista authorities shut off access to all major roadways, the PanAm Post‘s Orlando Avendaño reports.

4:05 PM

The Venezuelan press reports that the young woman killed in San Cristobal was the victim of Chavista paramilitary groups.

Reportan joven de 23 años fallecida en San Cristóbal, Plaza Las Palomas, herida por presuntos colectivos

— Runrunes (@RunRunesWeb) April 19, 2017

4:00 PM

Anti-Maduro protesters have torn down a fence at an Air Force base in eastern Caracas. The regime has responded with aggression from the start, and some demonstrators are not intent on keeping today’s protests entirely peaceful.


— Ricardo Pantaleo A. (@Ricardo_Panta) April 19, 2017

3:55 PM

A 24 year-old woman has been killed during protests in the western city of San Cristobal. This is the Maduro regime’s second known casualty today following the death of a 17 year-old economics student shot in the head in Caracas.

#Táchira 3:41 pm – Falleció Paola Andreína Ramírez, de 24 años, cerca de protesta en San Cristóbal. #19Abr

— El Pitazo (@ElPitazoTV) April 19, 2017

3:40 PM

In a speech to his followers (awfully few compared to the anti-Chavistas protesting at this very moment across Venezuela), dictator Nicolás Maduro blamed today’s violence on Julio Borges, an opposition congressman who was himself attacked by Chavista paramilitaries last year, and threatened him with legal action. Maduro added that, today, he is “more Chavista than ever before.”

AHORA | Habla Nicolás Maduro: “Estoy mas chavista que nunca”

— Infobae América (@InfobaeAmerica) April 19, 2017

Las FOTOS del brutal ataque a Julio Borges en el CNE

— Sumarium (@sumariumcom) June 9, 2016

3:34 PM

Protesters flee from tear gas attacks in Maracaibo:

#Venezuela #Zulia GNB launches tear gas to protesters in the center of Maracaibo # 19avenezuelaenlacalle

— Freiheit und Frieden (@newya1207) April 19, 2017

3:29 PM

The western city of San Cristobal, located near the border with Colombia, is also the scene of massive protests against Maduro.

#Tachira Civiles Vs Uniformados en #SanCristobal @ReporteYa

— Obeysser Prada T (@Obeysser) April 19, 2017

3:26 PM

A young man who suffered a wound to the head is evacuated via motorcycle:

Trasladan a joven herido con objeto contundente en la cabeza. Vía #ReporteroCiudadano Raul Arreaza #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— Debora Gutierrez❤ (@debby_pineda) April 19, 2017

3:22 PM

Civilian opposition groups set up a barricade to protect themselves from official Chavista forces. Paradoxically the communist regime is forcing the democratic opposition to adopt the tactics of the Paris Commune.

#19abr 2:50 pm Manifestanes se vuelven a concentrar en las mercedes y colocan barricadas contra la GNB #360mundo

— 360 Mundo (@360mundo) April 19, 2017

3:15 PM

Several members of the National Guard drag a Venezuelan woman on the street.

#19VzlaEnLaCalle PLAN ZAMORA La GNB arrastra a madres venezolanas

— VENEZOLANAZO (@Venezolanazo) April 19, 2017

2:45 PM

Members of the opposition denounce the presence of armed paramilitaries standing next to the National Guard in Caracas:

#Caracas en puente 9 de Diciembre, El Paraíso denuncian grupos colectivos con armas largas junto a la GNB

— Roman Camacho (@RCamachoVzla) April 19, 2017

2:37 PM

The protests in the gulf city of Maracaibo have turned into a street battle between demonstrators and the Chavista forces:

Centro de #Maracaibo #19Abr 2:00 pm

— Iron Man Maracucho! (@fadijoder) April 19, 2017

2:33 PM

Venezuelans are giving the world a lesson in courage today as the anti-Chavista marches proceed despite the regime’s thuggery.


2:30 PM

This scene is from Caracas today. Those who called today’s protest “the mother of all marches” likely did not exaggerate.


2:25 PM

More scenes from Maracaibo’s massive protests against dictator Maduro. The Chavista regime faces a nation-wide movement which appears to be venting its frustration as seldom before. How long can Maduro resist without turning to even worse repressive measures? Tear gas alone seems to have failed to intimidate the opposition and civil society.


— ANONYMOUS VENEZUELA (@YourAnonVzla) April 19, 2017

2:20 PM

Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, a political prisoner, warns that protesters in western Caracas are trapped as Chavista forces launch tear bombs against them from two flanks:

URGENTE! Estamos atrapados en la Avenida Paez, en el Oeste de Caracas. Por los dos extremos lanzan bombas, miles de personas atrapadas

— Lilian Tintori (@liliantintori) April 19, 2017

2:15 PM

Things are turning ugly in the city of Maracaibo as Chavista forces attack protesters:

#19VzlaEnLaCalle #19Abr GNB Mercenarios de Maduro ATACA marcha de la oposición en #Maracaibo.

— TemplarioResistencia (@TemplarioResisT) April 19, 2017


2:10 PM

Citizens of Valencia show their own strength in numbers as they gather against the Chavista regime:

2:01 PM

Venezuelans are not cowed by Maduro’s aggressions. The Francisco Fajardo Highway in Caracas is full to the brim:

A pesar de la represión los venezolanos siguen en la autopista Francisco Fajardo en defensa de sus derechos#19VzlaEnLaCalle

— El Tubazo Venezuela (@ElTubazoVE) April 19, 2017

1:58 PM

Despite the regime’s heavy-handed tactics and widespread use of tear gas, the Venezuelan opposition to the Maduro dictatorship has mobilized an impressive number of citizens today:


1:55 PM

Medicine students aid a wounded demonstrator in Caracas:


1:50 PM

Anti-Maduro protests gain strength in Valencia:


1:48 PM

The National Guard repels protesters with high-powered water hoses, from a vehicle nicknamed “The Whale”, on Francisco Fajardo Highway in Caracas:

01:25PM Momentos de ATAQUE con “La Ballena” GNB en la Autopista Francisco Fajardo este #19Abr #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— EnkiVzla Disip IELMT (@EnkiVzla) April 19, 2017

1:45 PM

17 year-old economics student Carlos José Moreno confirmed dead after receiving a gun shot in the back of the head during today’s anti-Maduro protests.

1:25PM CONFIRMADO Muriò Carlos José Moreno. 17 años. Tiro en la cabeza desde atrás. No aguantó quirófano. Familiares devastados

— Víctor Amaya (@victoramaya) April 19, 2017

1:42 PM

The Venezuelan citizenry comes out en masse against the Maduro dictatorship:

1:40 PM

Members of the National Guard refuse to allow opposition congressmen and their followers to pass through their blockade.

#ATENCION Diputados .@JoseAGuerra y @Dinorahfiguera hablan educadamente con la GN, vean como groseramente les responden #19abr

— Alejandro Castillo (@PeriodistaAlejo) April 19, 2017

1:37 PM

The streets of San Cristobal turn violent as the Maduro regime’s forces march against the civilian opposition.

Situacion en la 7ma Av de San Cristobal a esta hora..#19VzlaEnLaCalle

— Venezolanos (@venezoIanos) April 19, 2017

1:32 PM

Protesters in Caracas throw themselves into the Gauire river in order to escape the tear gas which the Maduro dictatorship has used the entire day against peaceful demonstrators:

Bello Monte, la gente se lanza al río guaire escapando de las lacrimogenas, foto: @Franciannyhm

— Alejandro Castillo (@PeriodistaAlejo) April 19, 2017

1:14 PM

The tally of injured protesters rises:

#19Abr Reportan primeros heridos en la Av. Paez por represión de la GNB 12:00 pm – @MelanioBar

— Reporte Ya (@ReporteYa) April 19, 2017

1:10 PM

Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, a political prisoner, calls for peaceful protests as the Maduro regime steps up its repression:

.@liliantintori en #19VzlaEnLaCalle: ALERTA La dictadura nos está reprimiendo ¡resistencia pacífica!

— Voluntad Popular (@VoluntadPopular) April 19, 2017

1:06 PM

The current state of Francisco Fajardo Highway in Caracas:

12:20PM Autopista Francisco Fajardo a esta hora #19Abr #ReporteroCiudadano #19vzlaenlacalle

— CaraotaDigital (@CaraotaDigital) April 19, 2017

1:05 PM

Strong showing for the opposition in the city of Valencia:

Avenida Andrés Eloy Blanco, a la altura del elevado Los Colorados (12:05 pm). #19Abr #Valencia #Venezuela #19VzlaEnLaCalle #19A

— Gran Valencia (@GranValencia) April 19, 2017

1:01 PM

Protesters in the city of Maracaibo also face the Maduro regime’s violence and generous use of tear gas.

#URGENTE Represión en la Av. Delicias de Maracaibo #19A #19VzlaEnLaCalle
(Video @TVVnoticias)

— Venezolanos (@venezoIanos) April 19, 2017

12:55 PM

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles tweets about “heavy repression” on a Caracas highway, where citizens who oppose the Maduro dictatorship face attacks from the security forces.

Continúa la fuerte represión en la autopista

— Henrique Capriles R. (@hcapriles) April 19, 2017

12:50 PM

Journalist Melanio Escobar accuses members of the Venezuelan National Guard (GNB) of launching bombs filled with tear gas against private buildings and inside homes:

#19Abr Ataques a residencias por parte de efectivos de la GNB, conjunto Los Verdes El Paraíso 12 PM

— Reporte Ya (@ReporteYa) April 19, 2017

12:47 PM

An economics student was injured by gunfire during the protests. He is undergoing surgery in Caracas.

#19Abr Herido de bala se llama Carlos José Moreno, estudiante de Economía en UCV. Está en quirófano de Clínica Caracas – @Ucvismo

— Reporte Ya (@ReporteYa) April 19, 2017

12:45 PM

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, a former presidential candidate, calls Maduro a compulsive liar before several news organizations including the PanAm Post:

#EXCLUSIVA | Escucha el discurso de @hcapriles : “Maduro es un mitómano” #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

12:35 PM

A Chavista gang of motorcyclists head toward Plaza Venezuela in Caracas in order to confront critics of the Maduro dictatorship.

#19Abr Motorizados Chavistas recorren la autopista hacia Plaza Venezuela

— Reporte Ya (@ReporteYa) April 19, 2017

12:30 PM

Protesters in Carabobo state march toward a highway as soldiers prepare to clash with them.

#MinutoAMinuto | Manifestantes en el estado Carabobo tomarán la autopista y militares preparan represión (@OrlvndoA)

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

12:20 PM
Supporters of Voluntad Popular, the political party led by Leopoldo López, a political prisoner of the Maduro regime, protest in the state Zulia:

Los zulianos se volcaron a las calles para alzar su voz y exigir un cambio urgente #UnidosContraElGolpe #19VzlaEnLaCalle vía @VPZulia

— Voluntad Popular (@VoluntadPopular) April 19, 2017

12:15 PM
Protesters in the coastal city of Cumaná:

#Ahora Así transcurre marcha opositora en Cumaná (Vía @jcarolinaisava) #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— Analítica (@Analitica) April 19, 2017

12:10 PM
Twitter users denounce the regime’s repression against protesters, this time in the state of Guayana, where security forces assaulted a woman demonstrator.

URGENTE #Guayana GNB atacó fuertemente a esta señora de nombre Irma Bello. Está estable en el hospital Uyapar #19VzlaEnLaCalle @AlbertoRT51

— Twit Bolívar (@twitbolivar) April 19, 2017

12:08 PM
Prominent Venezuelan journalist Kiko Bautista speaks to the PanAm Post‘s Sabrina Martín about the prospects for today’s demonstrations:

#Exclusiva | Reconocido periodista Kiko Bautista rinde declaración sobre la expectativa de la oposición de la marcha de hoy #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

12:00 PM
Opposition leader María Corina Machado tweets an image of several nuns joining the march against Maduro.

Las religiosas también se fueron a las calles a luchar por la libertad de Venezuela. #19vzlaenlacalle

— Prensa María Corina (@PrensaMCM) April 19, 2017

11:54 AM
Venezuela’s Attorney General calls on the security services to respect citizens’ right to protest.

Fiscal General de #Venezuela llama a los organismos de seguridad garantizar el derecho a manifestar #19VzlaEnLaCalle

— PanAm Post Español (@PanAmPost_es) April 19, 2017

11:15 AM
Opposition demonstrators gather in Altamira square in Caracas as they prepare to march on the adjacent highway:

@elpais_inter Desde la plaza Altamira saliendo para el autopista #19vzlaenlacalle

— Barbara (@LeMemole) April 19, 2017