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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Help More Students Have Their “Light-Bulb Moment” This #GivingTuesday

You don't have to give a lot in order to make a big difference.

Do you remember when the light switched on—when you first read Leonard Read’s I, Pencil or realized that free markets were the heart and soul of a prosperous society? That epiphany, that moment of enlightenment… wasn’t it an extraordinary gift?

This #GivingTuesday, make it possible for more students to experience that “light-bulb moment.”

This year, FEE has experienced record-breaking seminar attendance, developed powerful new partnerships, produced inspiring new classroom resources, and reached tens of millions through our videos and articles.

Scott Harris of Ronald Reagan Public High School in Texas recently told us:

FEE’s classroom workshop is an invaluable resource for high school teachers and students. Combining economics, political economy, history, and ethics, the workshop is a unique experience that allows students to integrate ideas that form the basis for a free society

We also put on our first ever FEEcon — a conference that brought together over 700 individuals from across the globe. It was truly life-changing for them. Here is a video of their feedback:

For just $150 you can help three students attend a One-Day Seminar, forever changing the way they view the world. And as an added bonus, FEE will mail you a limited-edition, hardcover copy of I, Pencil.

Click here to support a FEE seminar and claim your limited edition hardcover copy of I, Pencil!

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