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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Environmentalists Fight among Selves over Wind Power

“Workers atop mountain ridges are putting together 389-foot windmills with massive blades that will turn Appalachian breezes into energy. Retiree David Cowan is fighting to stop them. Because of the bats. Cowan, 72, a longtime caving fanatic who grew to love bats as he slithered through tunnels from Maine to Maui, is asking a federal judge in Maryland to halt construction of the Beech Ridge wind farm. The lawsuit pits Chicago-based Invenergy, a company that produces ‘green’ energy, against environmentalists who say the cost to nature is too great.” (Washington Post, Thursday)

Agendas in conflict.

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“Mandating Renewable Energy: It’s Not Easy Being Green” by Michael Heberling

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