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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dissenter: The Platform Designed to Sidestep Corporate Censorship

The goal of Dissenter is to take the power from these centralized services and give it to the free people of the internet to wield for themselves.

Recently, YouTube has been removing the comment sections from YouTubers and now from every video with children. People are getting pretty angry, and rightly so. Who doesn’t love engaging with others on the internet? Isn’t that the whole point? When centralized services deny this need time after time, huge demand is created for a product that will subvert the power structures that impose this.

Dissenter Restores Freedom to the Comment Section

Enter Dissenter. Dissenter is both a web app and a browser extension that allows you to comment on any URL on the web without fear of corporate censorship. Check out how it works in full here.

The Dissenter comments on the censored Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes website are

— By Gab: (@getongab) February 26, 2019

Dissenter is the brainchild of the Gab CEO Andrew Torba. Torba created a new social media platform based on the principle of free speech after realizing that Big Social is able to dictate who can say what on their platforms, who gets to exist, and who gets to be seen by other accounts. Gab is a place where anyone can set up an account and “speak freely” without worrying about corporate censorship. To comment using Dissenter, one needs a Gab account.

Strong Reactions

You cannot launch a product that subverts a power structure and not expect massive backlash. Bitcoin went through it, and Dissenter will, too. The Daily Dot and several other media organizations have tried to paint Gab/Dissenter as far-right when in reality, technology is apolitical unless the people in charge of the centralized service start imposing their political beliefs on the userbase. While there is no in-house comment section for this Daily Dot article, there are already several Dissenter comments on this page—currently 758 comments to be exact.

People will speak freely, permission not required.

Despite bad publicity, Dissenter is gaining some serious traction with big-name YouTubers like Dave Cullen, Styxhexenhammer666, and Sargon. Every day, Gab’s Twitter account retweets several tweets from Dissenter users giving it praise. One thing remains consistent and stands out: “Gab is a game changer.” Gab recently claimed to have 41 percent of its user base creating content, which is unheard of in tech.

The goal of Dissenter is to take the power from these centralized services and give it to the free people of the internet to wield for themselves. No longer will these thought-guards have a monopoly on the narrative. When a Wikipedia page isn’t being objective, Dissenter will swoop in and make their biases irrelevant. When YouTube disables the comment section, the party will continue. When Rotten Tomatoes deletes audience interest, it won’t matter. When a journalist writes a dishonest hit piece, the people will know.

When will people understand that ultimately, you cannot stop the free flow of information? People will speak freely, permission not required.

  • JDaniel Richer is a college dropout and Praxis participant. He loves writing about political strategy absent the State as well as financial topics.