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Steve Fritzinger

Steve Fritzinger
Steve Fritzinger

Steve Fritzinger lives in the Fairfax County, VA. Steve has been active in the Liberty Movement for ten years, writing, blogging and attending seminars. Steve is the regular Economics Commentator on the BBC World Service program Business Daily program, where he uses Austrian Economic ideas to explain current events and other puzzles. He wrote the annotated version of “Fear the Boom and Bust”, the first Keynes/Hayek rap video, and blogs at 2nd Hand Ideas on WordPress. Steve is a founding member of Liberty Toastmasters, a DC based group dedicated to helping liberty advocates develop public speaking skills, and is a member of Liberty on the Rocks DC.

Steve Fritzinger's Articles and Posts

Piketty's Blind Spot The Freeman
Piketty's Blind Spot
Progressives believe Piketty's Capital is the ultimate justification for their political program. But among the flaws in data and methodology is a big blind spot.
You’ve Got One Wish The Freeman
You’ve Got One Wish
Solving the world’s problems in one fell swoop is tempting. It’s also fraught with unintended consequences.
How Government Sort of Created the Internet The Freeman
How Government Sort of Created the Internet

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