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Israel M. Kirzner

Israel M. Kirzner
Israel M. Kirzner is emeritus professor of economics at New York University and Distinguished Scholar of the Foundation for Economic Education. Kirzner's research on entrepreneurship economics is also widely recognized. His book, Competition and Entrepreneurship criticizes neoclassical theory for its preoccupation with the model of perfect competition, which neglects the important role of the entrepreneur in economic life. Kirzner's work integrating entrepreneurial action into neoclassical economics has been more widely accepted than much other Austrian writing of the late twentieth century. Kirzner's major work is in the economics of knowledge and entrepreneurship and the ethics of markets. In 2006, Kirzner received the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research for developing the economic theory emphasizing the importance of the entrepreneur for economic growth and the functioning of the capitalist process. Universidad Francisco Marroquín granted him an Honorary Doctorate Degree for his contributions to economic theory. UFM also named its Kirzner Entrepreneurship Center in his honor.

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