Free Trade

Big Pharma and the Opposite of Science

Looking beyond greed for the source of high pharmaceutical prices doesn’t make you a bad person.

- October 19, 2015

No, There Isn't Going to Be a Global Coffee Shortage

This terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad news story isn't even close to being true. 

- October 09, 2015

Is Trump Right that NAFTA Was a "Disaster"?

Politicians judge success by how many "jobs" they create; good economists also pay attention to how they impact consumers.

- October 09, 2015

Why We're Still Debating the Decades-Old Crude-Oil Ban

The ban on exporting crude oil shows a complete disregard for basic economics.

- October 07, 2015

The End of Extreme Poverty

The Great Fact of human history is the meteoric increase in quality of life and the steady retreat of poverty in the last two hundred years. 

- October 06, 2015

Why Don't All Sandwiches Cost $1,500?

A guy decided to make a sandwich from scratch, and it cost him six months of work and over $1,500.

- September 28, 2015

The Pill Whose Price Went Up 5000%? It Costs 5 Cents in India.

The drug is an unpatented generic that's approved for sale in Europe — but you can't import it to the US, and there's only one FDA-approved supplier here.

- September 25, 2015

Pope Francis's Graph of the Day

In 1900, Argentina and the US were equally wealthy, but then one of them chose capitalism and the other chose protectionism and socialism.

- September 25, 2015

Lincoln and the Know-Nothings: Quote of the Day

"Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid."

- September 23, 2015

The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State

Civilization has never yet and never will be simply made by the fiat of those who have power. 

- September 20, 2015

Keynes on Trade, Migration, Globalization: Quote of the Day

The great project of internationalism came to a calamitous end in August 1914. 

- September 18, 2015

Are Markets Immoral? On Popes, Pencils, and Chicken Sandwiches

Pope Francis criticizes markets for promoting vice, but free exchange is an engine of peace and cooperation.

- September 18, 2015

Why Open Borders?

Lack of imagination is the single biggest barrier in the United States to ending the war on immigration.

- September 14, 2015

If Men Were Angels, We Wouldn’t Need the Blockchain

What if government could be framed so that it need not be administered by men over men?

- September 14, 2015

The Canadian Border Fence Is the Climax of Isolationism

Scott Walker's plan to wall off the world is the logical conclusion of the GOP's frenzied isolationism. 

- September 10, 2015

Bernie Is Wrong: Trade Is Awesome for the Poor and for America

Don’t let fear-mongering about China scare you: free trade benefits everyone, especially the poor, while protectionism benefits only the politically powerful.

- August 27, 2015

Krugman: China Suffering from "Bungling" Interventions and "Political Dictation of Prices"

Sustained economic intervention and political price controls are bad, except when they're not?

- August 26, 2015

The Oldest Fallacy in Economics

Cheap, competitive foreign goods make Americans wealthier, regardless of whether governments "cheat."

- August 25, 2015

More Americans Think of Themselves as "Have-Nots." What Are They Missing?

Almost 40 percent of Americans think of themselves as "have-nots," more than any time in recent history. But what if they have more than they think?

- August 25, 2015

Why Wouldn't You Save a Drowning Child?

How do we make sure aid efforts do the most good and the least harm?

- August 24, 2015

When Judges Quit Protecting Liberty

The rational basis test is an excuse for the courts abandon their duty to judge the law and uncover the truth.

- August 20, 2015

5 Charts that Show Trump's Immigration Paper Is Nonsense

Almost every single thing Trump claims about foreigners and the economy is false or misleading.

- August 19, 2015

Marco Rubio's Brave Defense of Corporate Welfare, Farm Subsidies, and Protectionism

Sugar subsidies destroy jobs and waste resources — and bankroll the politicians who support them.

- August 13, 2015

India Awakes: How Freedom Saved the Subcontinent

In the spirit of Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" series comes a new documentary about the transformation of India. 

- August 04, 2015

Does "Fair Trade" Help Poor Workers?

Is Fair Trade about doing good or just feeling good? 

- August 04, 2015

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