FEE’s Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship, Part 2

Five Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur

We’ve packed part 2 of this series with some of our best “how-to” articles on entrepreneurship. Here you’ll find practical advice on topics such as how to turn your passion into profit, why it’s beneficial to start a business while in college, and how to think about your career as an enterprise.

You can be an entrepreneur without starting your own business and inventing a revolutionary product. You engage in entrepreneurship every time you take a risk and find a way to create value for others, whether you are the CEO of a major corporation, an employee who improves your own process, or a high schooler who decides to learn a new skill and develop a unique value proposition. Successful entrepreneurship requires changing the way you view yourself, as well as what and how you can contribute to the world around you. Entrepreneurship is both a process and a life-changing mindset.

The entrepreneurial mindset means making the switch from seeing yourself as a mere paper-pusher or retail employee, and envisioning the ways you can contribute greater value to your company or organization. Making the mental jump from simply clocking in and out to actively seeking ways to improve the work you’re already doing is the first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur.