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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Year-End Appeal

Dear Friend of FEE,

A short time ago, a good friend and supporter of FEE explained the importance of what we do. I could not say it better myself, so I share his thoughts with you:

What FEE truly offers are intellectual lifelines for people who are drowning in the contemporary educational system. The painful isolation of being surrounded by left-wing orthodoxy, the thirst for politically-incorrect educational material that just isn’t available in many of our high schools and colleges, the courage of local parents looking for ways to help their children out, the kids’ gratitude at finding the rich resources at your website and finding both mentors and companions for their intellectual journey. There is a lot at stake emotionally that people can relate to from their own experience.

Plenty is also at stake when it comes to educating the future generation of leaders. The U.S. Department of Education last conducted an assessment of economic knowledge for 12th graders in 2006. Of the 11,500 students surveyed, only 42 percent were rated as “proficient” in economics by the study. A mere 36 percent of students could identify the federal government’s primary source of revenue. And only 46 percent could determine the effects of a price control. Of course, being a government test, it was biased from the beginning. The questions go on about abstractions like interest rates, unemployment rates, and trade agreements without ever mentioning that economics is the study of real people. Ludwig von Mises would be horrified to know this is how the knowledge of human action is tested. This is why FEE’s educational services are needed.

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2011 Year End Letter

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