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William L. Anderson

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Dr. William Anderson is Professor of Economics at Frostburg State University. He holds a Ph.D in Ecconomics from, Auburn University, Economics. He is a member of the FEE Faculty Network.

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Another Keynesian Error

Keynesians—and “mainstream” economists in general—wrongly assume that consumption itself is a factor of production.

- March 07, 2013

The Mainstream Media and the Bonds Case

If the Bonds case tells us anything, it's that the media watchdogs are foxes guarding the henhouse.

- April 20, 2011

“Sustainability” Isn't Sustainable

Government can no more save the economy by transferring resources to industries that can't stand on their own than the U.S. armed forces could save Vietnam by bombing it into the Stone Age.

- April 13, 2011

The Keynesians' Special Case

Governments can neither fool Mother Nature nor violate the laws of economics.

- April 06, 2011

Defining "Terrorism" Down

If Bernard von NotHaus did anything, he exposed the sorry fact that U.S. money is hopelessly debased. If that is proof of terrorism, then anyone who openly criticizes this government and its money is a terrorist.

- March 30, 2011

Government Borrowing Won't Create Savings

In New York Times columnist Paul Krugman's world, budget deficits morph into surpluses and savings.

- March 16, 2011

Earth to New York Times: Governments Are Broke

The problem, the Times says, is that government does not tax people enough, nor does it spend enough money.

- March 09, 2011

“Clean Energy” and the Depressed Economy

If clean energy is so wonderful and such a great investment, why do all of these ventures have to be subsidized directly by tax dollars or indirectly by government mandates?

- March 02, 2011

Medical Fraud in Wisconsin

Engage in behavior that this government considers to be politically acceptable and get a free pass to break the law. Everyone else gets to go to prison.

- February 23, 2011

Are We Lacking "Ideas on a Grand Scale"?

Government policies have encouraged massive malinvestments for more than a decade, and now that same government is blocking the necessary readjustments of capital and resources.

- February 16, 2011

Revolutions and Government Institutions

For all the euphoria over the people-driven revolution in Egypt, whatever regime emerges will in the end carry on business as usual.

- February 09, 2011

“Losing” Egypt

The world is not a chessboard, and the United States cannot move people around, expecting them to obey.

- February 02, 2011

Is Ethanol a Good Choice for Consumers?

It's is a good deal -- for ethanol producers -- but it destroys the wealth of others.

- January 26, 2011

Bureaucrats Keep Us Safe?

Once people believe that government agents protect us, there can be no end to the avenues of “protection” bureaucrats will offer.

- January 19, 2011

Sue the Government

If your life is not perfect, sue the government, since everyone knows that it can and should bring perfection to society.

- January 12, 2011

Do We Need the "Next Level" of State Security?

The longer the TSA exists the more likely it (along with other government “security” agencies) will engage in abusive spying on innocent Americans.

- January 05, 2011

False Foreclosures and the Free Market

Once the government effectively nationalized these institutions allegedly to make them solvent, any notion of real customer service disappeared.

- December 22, 2010

Should NCAA Rule Infractions Be Crimes?

When government is able to criminalize private-rule infractions, there really are no bounds at all on the behavior of the authorities.

- December 15, 2010

Is the EPA Necessary?

I submit that common sense tells us to do away with the agency.

- December 08, 2010

Algorithms Can't Pick College Football Champions or Predict Economies

A mathematical formula cannot tell us what the U.S. economy (or any other economy) is going to do next year.

- December 01, 2010

Why Is there a TSA?

As protests increase against the offensive pat-downs allegedly designed to make flying safer, we really should not be shocked that government employees are abusing air travelers.

- November 24, 2010

A Nation of Consumers?

A fundamental tenet of economics is that the end of production is consumption. Unfortunately, Keynesian economists seizing the public microphone claim the purpose of consumption is to clear the shelves so producers will have something to do in the future.

- November 17, 2010

Inflating Our Way to Prosperity?

As more and more money is pumped into the economy, not only do prices go up, but so do inflationary expectations.

- November 10, 2010

Voting, Accountability, and the Rise of Executive Power

Here's what I want to know: Does Congress matter these days?

- November 03, 2010

Progressivism and the Criminal Law

The development of the criminal law under Progressivism, which began more than a century ago, is revealing

- October 27, 2010

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