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Walter Williams has served on the faculty of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, as John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics since 1980. He is the author of more than 150 publications that have appeared in scholarly journals. Learn more about him at here.

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#47 – “The Solution to Overpopulation Is Population Control”

There is absolutely no relationship between high populations and poverty.

- March 06, 2015

#46 – “Statistical Disparities between Races Prove Discrimination”

Let us acknowledge a few gross disparities and decide whether they represent what lawyers and judges call a “pattern and practice of discrimination,” while at the same time thinking about what corrective action might be taken.

- February 27, 2015

Walter Williams at FEE

The only moral system is one that protects individuals from coercion by other individuals. FEE has been dedicated to this fundamental truth since its founding.

- July 14, 2014

Diversity, Ignorance, and Stupidity

No evidence of any kind suggests that we would be sorted proportionally by race, sex, nationality, or any other human characteristic were it not for discrimintation. Nevertheless, much of our thinking, policy, and litigation is based on an assumption of proportionality. 

- November 08, 2012

Rule of Law versus Legislative Orders

We’ve moved away from a government with limited powers, as our Founders envisioned, to one with awesome powers. 

- October 23, 2009

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