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W. A. Paton

W. A. Paton (1889-1901) was Professor Emeritus of Accounting and Economics, University of Michigan. He was author (or co-author) of a score of books and many articles, largely in the field of accounting. 

W. A. Paton's Articles

Egalit? Sheer Illusion!

Compulsory sharing is not the way to widespread economic prosperity.

- March 01, 1979

Ancient Fable Retold

Concerning the basics of an introductory course in economics.

- March 01, 1976

Significance of Services Hiring and Firing

Concerning the economic importance of personal services and the pricing of them.

- January 01, 1975

The "Social Security" Mirage Current Production Paramount

Unless production can be increased through saving and investment, there's little future in it.

- March 01, 1974

The Gullible Society

A careful review of the economic folly rampant today and some of the contributing factors, with a view toward correction.

- January 01, 1974

Competition What and When

Concerning the nature of competition and the fallacies and misunderstandings that gathered around it.

- June 01, 1973

Back to Basics - Fable of the Berry Pickers

An expert recurs to basic principles for light on some of today's complex problems.

- December 01, 1972

5 Degrees Above Zero

A preview of the prospects should we be governed entirely by the collectors of garbage.

- October 01, 1972

Who Is the Marginal Producer?

The first to withdraw unless conditions improve is not necessarily foretold by the firm's balance sheet.

- March 01, 1972

Can We Sustain Prosperity?

Have Americans so softened, in their affluence, that they can no longer negotiate the free man's path to progress?

- January 01, 1972

The Protesters

When demand is the only consideration, regardless of supply.

- January 01, 1971

The E's Have It

A perceptive presentation of the case for efficiency and equity in personal performance.

- February 01, 1970

An Inquiry Concerning Inequality

Variations in nature and in the nature of man point to the blessings of diversity.

- January 01, 1969

Some Reflections on Education

And in the same let's-be-practical vein, America's master accountant and economist, W. A. Paton, calls for a careful balancing of the cultural and the vocational.

- December 01, 1967

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