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Sylvester Petro

Sylvester Petro (1917–2007) was a professor of law and the author of several books on the history of labor policy in the United States, including The Labor Policy of a Free Society, The Kohler Strike, and The Kingsport Press Strike.
As professsor and director of the Wake Forest University Institute of Law and Policy Analysis, he taught generations of students about the history of labor unions, while defending free association and free contract as essential to the free and prosperous commonwealth.

Sylvester Petro's Articles

Human Rights, Animal Rights, and Friends of the Earth

Wild animals exploit the earth, love it and leave it, despoil and befoul it.

- March 01, 1992

A Strategy for the War of Ideas

Why scholarly books are the best ammunition in the struggle for the truth about freedom.

- June 01, 1979

Unemployment, Unions and Inflation: Of Causation and Necessity

Why unions must cause inflation if they are to survive in present form under existing policies and laws.

- July 01, 1976

Compulsory Public-Sector Bargaining: The Dissolution of Social Order

Implications of the idea that government employees may strike at will against their employer.

- August 01, 1975

The Economic-Power Syndrome

Exploding the popular myth that business has a coercive power to impose its will upon consumers.

- April 01, 1972

The Law School and Legal Training

How legal training and legal systems relate to the survival and the progress of the free society.

- June 01, 1971

Separation of Powers and the Labor Act: 3. Judicial Courts vs. Administrative Courts

The Constitutional arrangement of the judiciary functions of government makes the difference between the rule of law and control by dictatorial whim.

- September 01, 1968

Separation of Powers and the Labor Act: 2. "Expertise," Separation of Powers, and Due Process

Neither the President nor an administrative agency can better represent the public in matters of policy than can Congress.

- August 01, 1968

Separation of Powers and the Labor Act: 1. Congressional Policies vs. Labor Board Policies

An expert analysis of the forfeiture of Congressional legislative power to an executive agency - the National Labor Relations Board.

- July 01, 1968

Competition, Unions, and Antitrust

When an outstanding authority on labor policy as well as antitrust legislation covers both topics in one article, it runs long; but we thought you'd want it in one piece rather than serialized.

- July 01, 1964

The Perversion of Pluralism

Professor Petro sees the "Great Debate" not so much in terms of individualism vs. collectivism as in terms of voluntary vs. compulsory associations.

- June 01, 1964

Political Activity and Political Expenditures

A study of the consequences of trying to overcome the error of government intervention with further intervention

- January 01, 1960

A Free Society

The following exchange poses a question that is--and an answer that ought to be--of increasing concern to all who love life.

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