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Stewart Dompe is an instructor of economics at Johnson & Wales University. He has published articles in Econ Journal Watch and is a contributor to Homer Economicus: Using The Simpsons to Teach Economics.

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California's Water Economy Is Thirsting for Prices

Market prices coordinate economic activity. Water managers cannot indefinitely increase supply so they instead rely on demand management. This is why, in Los Angeles, some home owners are being paid to tear out their lawns in the aptly named cash-for-grass program. This is also why Governor Jerry Brown threatened to fine people for taking long showers. They have yet to set up a hotline so you can snitch on your neighbors. All of these policies are failed attempts to achieve the results of higher prices.

- June 21, 2016

Leftists Are Bad at Leftism

No respectable progressive would dare advocate taking money from the poor and giving it to the shareholders of a private corporation, yet this is the effect of the trade policies they endorse.

- May 16, 2016

Minimum Wage, Maximum Automation

If you are getting paid in excess of the value you create, you are either (a) a bureaucrat or (b) soon to find yourself replaced by a machine.

Regulators Are Not Heroes

In a world of uncertainty, ensuring quality can be a powerful competitive advantage.

Stephen Hawking Doesn’t Understand Economics

The idea of technological unemployment suspends the laws of scarcity and comparative advantage.

- October 26, 2015

Amazon Liberates Readers

Science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin blames Amazon and capitalism for dumbing down the publishing world, but readers are doing better than ever.

- July 06, 2015

Take the Politics out of Money

The solution to politicians being bought is to ensure that they have nothing to sell (and no one to buy it).

- May 03, 2015

Were We Better Off in 1987?

We are better off today due to the creative innovations of the marketplace. Those who argue we’re worse off are ignoring important considerations.

Layaway: Live after Death

The return of ‘80s retail practices is likely the result of credit market meddling.

Where’s the Beef? Canada!

Corporate inversion offers a powerful check on government and lets companies fulfill their primary purpose: protecting shareholders’ capital. 

- September 09, 2014

Food Deserts or Just Deserts?

If you want to change people’s eating habits, look first to the federal interventions that distort the food market.

Chasing Dystopian Rainbows

A NASA report has more to say about using the correct analytical tools than it does about inequality.

The Crony Gap

Most discourse on inequality confuses a constructive form of inequality (economic) with a destructive form (political). Understanding the difference will bring some clarity to the issue.

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