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Robert James Bidinotto

Robert James Bidinotto's Articles

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Robert James Bidinotto

Robert James Bidinotto's Articles

The "Root Causes" of Crime

Since 1960, per capita crime rates have more than tripled, while violent crime rates have nearly quintupled. By any measure, we live in a nation much less safe than that in which our parents grew up. This simply cries out for an explanation. What in our modern society could possibly account for the sudden and explosive growth in force, fraud, and coercion?

- June 01, 1995

In Praise of Pain

Babies will starve, modern Chicken Littles warn, because teenage mothers will be deprived of "their" food stamps. Little children in schools will go hungry, because the new Scrooges on Capitol Hill will rob them of "their" school lunches. The elderly will lose "their" Medicare and Social Security. Opera enthusiasts will lose taxsubsidized encounters with Wagner and Puccini, and pre-schoolers the daily inspiration of Barney the Dinosaur, all because of plans to close down "their" local public broadcasting stations.

A Matter of Principle: To Educate Or Legislate?

As I write, the President is publicly jousting with congressional Democratic rivals, and with Republican opponents, over competing initiatives to shrink government, cut spending, and reduce taxes. The current argument among politicians is no longer if such cuts are necessary, but where and how much to cut.

- February 01, 1995

Crime and Consequences

Treating criminals as victims undermined justice and began to bias the criminal justice system on their behalf. “Reforms” helpful to criminals included new courtroom rules excluding certain voluntary criminal confessions and factual evidence; lenient bail and release-on-recognizance practices; and routine sentence- reduction and release policies, such as plea bargaining, probation, parole, and insanity defenses.

- September 01, 1989

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