Robert G. Anderson

Robert G. Anderson taught economics and business management at Grove City College, Pennsylvania, and served as Executive Secretary of the Foundation for Economic Education in the 1970s.

Robert G. Anderson's Articles

The Assault on Capital

Peace and prosperity are threatened by the political processes of inflation, taxation, transfer policies, and direct controls.

- November 01, 1979

Two Ways of Life

Capitalism or socialism? The nature of property ownership makes the difference.

- October 01, 1979

The Redistribution of Wealth Labor Union Style

Competition and freedom, not legal privilege and violence, lead to general prosperity.

- July 01, 1979

"Don't Be Fuelish"

A government-engineered fuel crisis results in hypocritical advertising.

- October 01, 1977

A Real Con Job

When job-creation becomes more important than production to serve consumers, our lives are threatened.

- July 01, 1976

Gold Is Legal, But...

The right to own gold may be an opening against governmental control of money.

- January 01, 1975

Windfall Profits

Erratic changes in consumer evaluations create profit opportunities for alert entrepreneurs.

- May 01, 1974

The Energy Crisis

Not the changing conditions of supply and demand, but the increasing governmental controls give rise to "shortages."

- August 01, 1973

Root of All Evil

Concerning the nature and depth of the causes of inflation and the prospects of a cure.

- August 01, 1971


- March 01, 1962

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