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Percy L. Greaves Jr.

Percy L. Greaves, Jr. (1906–1984) was a free-market economist for US News (the forerunner of US News and World Report) and authored several books on economics, including Understanding the Dollar Crisis and Mises Made Easier. He was also a seminar speaker and discussion leader with the Foundation for Economic Education. Percy and his wife Bettina Bien Greaves were long-time associates and friends of Ludwig von Mises, and regular attendants at Mises's New York University seminar.

Percy L. Greaves Jr.'s Articles

The Market Economy vs. The Welfare State

Why living standards decline in a society of factions fighting for "fair shares."

- January 01, 1979

Does Government Spending Bring Prosperity?

Our hope for future prosperity depends upon finding the correct answer.

- June 01, 1975

Lower Interest Rates by Law

Control of interest rates is control of people, with highly harmful consequences.

- December 01, 1974

From Price Control to Valley Forge: 1777-78

A timely reminder of the sorry consequences of closing the market.

- February 01, 1972

How Wages Are Determined: The Effect of Interventions

The market method of pricing services, and how various interventions harm everyone involved.

- July 01, 1970

Why Speculators

There's more than meets the eye to the recent closing of the Cotton Exchange, alleges Percy Greaves, as he shows the vital role of the speculator.

- November 01, 1964

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