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Melvin D. Barger

Melvin D. Barger is a retired corporate public relations representative and writer who lives in Toledo, Ohio. He has been a contributor to The Freeman since 1961.

Melvin D. Barger's Articles

#17 – “All We Need Is the Right People to Run the Government”

When the State expands beyond its rightful limits, it doesn't matter who's in charge. Waiting for "the right people" to show up and fix it just gives the problems more time to get worse. 

- August 08, 2014

How Henry Ford Zapped a Licensing Monopoly

At the very beginning of the American auto industry, a group of carmakers made a blatant attempt to establish an industrial policy for their own benefit. In the guise of protecting the public from “unreliable upstarts” and “fly-by-nights,” they formed the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM) in 1903. The industry was in its infancy, but there were already complaints about some of the crude entrepreneurs who were entering the field. 

- December 01, 2001

Dishonest About Inflation

If we are cheating and being cheated by inflation, the cure lies in our resolution to return to "honest" money.

- December 01, 1979

A New Look at the Invisible Hand

Peaceful actions will lead to desirable ends, violent actions to chaos and disorder.

- July 01, 1979

Freedom to Choose

The nature of bureaucratic despotism, and how to displace it.

- February 01, 1977

Why Teacher Power Had to Happen

It was built into a system of compulsory education, and must fall of its own excesses.

- June 01, 1976

The Losing Struggle to Save Private Enterprise

A socialist society lacks the moral foundation upon which private enterprise must take its stand.

- April 01, 1976

Robert Owen: The Woolly-Minded Cotton Spinner

Caught in his own web of humanitarianism, messianism, and determinism.

- February 01, 1976

Occupational Licensure Under Attack

A plea for free choice, rather than government control, in hiring skilled help.

- April 01, 1975

Socialism Seeks Its Own Level

Government intervention brings a harvest of lost liberty.

- June 01, 1974

Back Door Press Control

Government regulation and control of business eventually threatens freedom of the press.

- February 01, 1974

Soviet Dissent: Heat without Light

Freedom of the press a lost cause once socialistic interventions are introduced.

- June 01, 1971

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