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Matthew La Corte

Matthew La Corte is a Research Associate at the Niskanen Center where he focuses on immigration policy.

Matthew La Corte's Articles

Trump Election Pushes Immigrants To Work And Study Elsewhere

A president who is openly hostile to immigrants and an administration that scapegoats immigration as the crux of all social ills unsurprisingly will cut university enrollments, dry up revenue for both universities and local governments, and hurt the American economy by pushing away top global talent.

- January 10, 2017

How America Can Keep the Entrepreneurs We Train

Brilliant, talented people are trained at American colleges — then packed off to the nearest airport.

- July 15, 2016

Muslim Americans Are More Likely to Reject Violence than Many Groups

The shooting in Orlando does not change the fact that Muslim Americans as a whole are more opposed to violence than many other Americans.

Refugees in America Are Happy, Productive, and Integrating

In Colorado, ninety percent of refugees are working more than 30 hours a week.

- June 01, 2016

Crowdfunding Refuge in America

The Syrian Civil War is the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II; we can't afford to wait for government to solve it.

- May 04, 2016

What We May Not Give: A New Life, in a Free Country

Americans give $360 billion a year to all kinds of causes — but we aren't allowed to help bring refugees to freedom.

- December 21, 2015

Saving the Syrian Refugees Won't Hurt the Economy

Syrian immigrants earn more than native-born Americans, and refugees contribute to their host economies as workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs.

- November 02, 2015

5 Ways the Private Sector Can Help the Syrian Refugees

Step 1: Get the government out of the way. 

- September 14, 2015

Our Immigration System Is Killing Our Allies

Fifty thousand Afghan and Iraqi translators risked their lives to help Americans, but the US immigration system betrayed them.

- August 04, 2015

The Radical Case for Pragmatic Libertarianism

By directly engaging in the policy process, libertarians can have a real influence on our country, which means more liberty in our lifetime.

- July 17, 2015

6 Reasons We Don't Know How Good We Have It

Why is our society paralyzed by pessimism? Here are six possible explanations.

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