Mathew Lloyd

Mathew Lloyd is a fellow with FEE's Henry Hazlitt Project for Educational Journalism. A resident of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, he is working towards an MA in Political Economy at the University of Buckingham and has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield (with several years of language studies).

In 2021 he was invited by the Institute of Economic Affairs to attend their first Economic Thought Leaders Symposium, an educational summer school which promotes classical liberal ideas. He has also completed an internship with EPICENTER, a classical liberal think tank that focuses on the European Union. 

He is also writing a book about personal development with elements that those familiar with the genre will easily recognize—such as productivity, mental health, and physical health—but also highlighting how the political and economic spheres impact an individual's ability to develop themselves and live a good life.

His interest lies predominantly in political philosophy, Austrian economics, and the role which politics and economics plays in an individual's ability to improve themself. Before embarking on his academic studies, he worked in the fitness industry and for a mental health charity. He enjoys gardening, keeping active in the gym, studying languages and reading.

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