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Malavika Nair

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Dr. Malavika Nair is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Troy University and a member of the Johnson Center for Political Economy. She received her PhD in Economics from Suffolk University. She was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the College of Charleston before joining Troy University. Her research focuses on questions related to monetary and financial institutions, private enterprise in money production and as well as the economics of caste. Her research is published in The The Journal of Institutional Economics, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, The Independent Review, The Review of Austrian Economics, and the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

Malavika Nair's Articles

Markets Are Breaking Down India’s Caste System, Turning Untouchables into Millionaires

It is in an entrepreneur’s economic interest to hire and contract with those who have the highest marginal productivity regardless of their caste identity.

Free Money for Everyone

The surge of entrepreneurship around Bitcoin includes solutions to asymmetrical information problems that might hold back its acceptance.

- November 11, 2013

Questioning Rothbard

Murray Rothbard famously argued that fractional-reserve banking is fraudulent. In a truly free market, this wouldn't necessarily be the case. 

- September 04, 2013

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