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Lawrence Fertig

Lawrence W. Fertig (1898 – 1986) was an American advertising executive and a libertarian journalist and economic commentator.

Fertig wrote columns for the New York World-Telegram and the New York Sun. Fertig also wrote Prosperity Through Freedom.

He was the founder of Lawrence Fertig & Company, a New York advertising and marketing firm. The Hoover Institution maintains an archive of Fertig's papers at their Stanford, California location.

Lawrence Fertig's Articles

The Political Costs of Price Inflation

Economic breakdown and loss of freedom inevitably follow monetary weakness.

- March 01, 1975

Profits and Profit Makers: What Does the Public Think About Them?

How the distorted view of the innovator's function disrupts the economy.

- October 01, 1970

Progress Means Change

The equality, stability, security we seek from government, declares Lawrence Fertig, may mean an end to progress.

- January 01, 1968

Labor Union Demands Mean More Inflation

One of those manifestations, of course, concerns labor union policies and practices; and these, as Lawrence Fertig shows, mean more inflation.

- July 01, 1967

Right Premise

Though none can accurately time the economic crisis that inflation breeds, Lawrence Fertig predicts with certainty that freedom will be lost in the process.

- January 01, 1967

The Government Veto System

Just how the market is prevented from functioning is spelled out in further detail as Lawrence Fertig describes "The Government Veto System."

- November 01, 1966

How Newspeak Changes Plain Words

An attempt to change the meaning of a simple word is be­ing thwarted by the common sense of the American public. 

- May 01, 1963

Readjustment Without Inflation

Though this article was written in early June, based on statistics then available, its point still holds that sounds economic policy requires--

- August 01, 1958

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