John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain (1903-1995) was an American journalist, business and economic historian, and author of number of works including The Roots of Capitalism (1959). Chamberlain also served as a founding editor of The Freeman magazine. 

John Chamberlain's Articles

A Reviewer's Notebook: Refuting Oswald Spengler

Duignan and Gann discuss post-war recovery and the special role of the U.S. in creating an Atlantic Community.

- December 01, 1993

A Reviewer's Notebook: The Freeman Classics Series

The consumer is sovereign under capitalism.

A Reviewer's Notebook: Out of Work

The best thing for government to do in dealing with unemployment is to leave it alone.

- March 01, 1993

A Reviewer's Notebook: Government Racket

Why is the federal government spending $84,000 to find out why people fall in love?

- January 01, 1993

A Reviewer's Notebook: Forge of Union

Jeffrey St. John provides an “eyewitness” narrative history of the founding of the U.S. government.

- August 01, 1992

A Reviewer's Notebook: Edmund Burke

Two books are available to help revive the name of Burke.

- April 01, 1992

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