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John C. Sparks

John C. Sparks, who died on March 27, 2005, served on the board of trustees of the Foundation for Economic Education for many years. In the mid-1980s, following his retirement from business, Mr. Sparks served a term as FEE’s president.

John C. Sparks's Articles

A Future That Should Have Been Ours

Living standards may be 1,000 years behind where they should be thanks to bad government.

- August 01, 1992

Who Killed Cock Robin?

The demand for political welfare measures destroys job opportunities.

- June 01, 1978

Through the Eyes of a Connecticut Yankee

Concerning the role of freedom in the advance of civilization.

- February 01, 1978

At the Threshold of Less

Let not fear of scarcity lead us to demand or allow more government interference in our lives.

- September 01, 1977

Who Shall Decide?

Learn from others all you can, but make your own decisions.

- August 01, 1977

If Men Were Free to Try

Not until an activity has been freed from monopoly does creative thought come into play.

- February 01, 1977

Falling on Deaf Ears

How to become self-reliant and free is the CARE package needed by the poor.

- May 01, 1975

Yielding to Temptation

A letter to a pastor about an evil of universal concern.

- July 01, 1974

A Prescription to Soothe One's Wounds

Practice it in the family and in one's own business.

- February 01, 1974

Right Congregation, Wrong Sermon

For an enduring international armistice, we need to curb our personal appetites for government aid and intervention.

- April 01, 1973

For the Young in Heart, Mind, and Spirit

Some suggestions of new worlds to conquer for the young who are not pleased with the one they find.

- May 01, 1971

Beneath the Gap

The revolt of children often reflects a fundamental sickness in their parents.

- July 01, 1969

The Best Things in Life Are Not Free

Not the things of life, suggest John Sparks, but the people ought to be free.

- April 01, 1968

Is It Practical

John Sparks has something to say, too, about the practicality of businessmen who expect the government to do their work for them.

- August 01, 1967


The best we can do for the rookies, suggests John Sparks, is to let them earn their way.

- January 01, 1967

Exploring the National Parks

When John Sparks recently visited several national parks, he saw more than the scenic wonders, and offers his observations for further consideration.

- December 01, 1964

Behind the Facade

Beneath the surface forms, the substance of freedom in America goes neglected as individuals wait to "let George do it."

- September 01, 1964

Zoned or Owned

There is more to zoning than meets the eye, says John Sparks, and much of it involves further aggravation of the problems the planning commission sought to solve.

- June 01, 1964

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