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J. Andrew Zalucky

J. Andrew Zalucky is a Connecticut-based writer focused on politics, history and cultural issues. Since 2011, he has run his own website, For the Sake of Argument. In addition, he writes about extreme music and is a regular contributor to Decibel and Metal Injection.

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What We Can Learn from George Orwell's Review of Mein Kampf

While working as a journalist during the Second World War, Orwell penned a review of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He begins by detailing the various political failures that allowed Hitler’s rise to power, such as the cynical attitude among “the heavy industrialists, who saw in him the man who would smash the Socialists and Communists.” But rather than stay at a safe, analytical distance from the subject, he reveals a truth that most bourgeois commentators would not dare even to whisper in polite company.

- December 22, 2016

The Only Good Politics Are Boring Politics

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that boring politics are the best politics. While Europe's political climate doesn’t get the blood rushing in the way that romantic mass-movements did in the past, it’s also a good backstop against the bloodletting that those movements produced.

- November 08, 2016

Public Office Is No Place for Our Best and Brightest

A lot of good people want to improve the lives of their fellow citizens by entering public service. The last place smart and creative people should be is in the grinding misery of the public sector. Again, there are certainly exceptions to the rule, when we’re lucky – but are you feeling lucky this year?

- October 05, 2016

Resisting the Dictatorship Mindset

Politics isn’t everything. Though everything has a political dimension, it is never the only dimension. The state, with its monopoly on coercion through physical violence, is the everyday arbiter of politics.

- September 29, 2016

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