Gonzalo Schwarz

Gonzalo is the founder and CEO of the Archbridge Institute and was, until recently, the director of Strategic Initiatives at Atlas Network. During his six years at Atlas he managed key projects including the Leveraging Indices for Free Enterprise Reform program, the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award, the Latin American program, and the Sound Money Project.

He has an extensive network of collaborators which include public policy institutions, academics, and current and former policymakers all around the world. He has also participated as an instructor in various Atlas Network training programs such as the Think Tank MBA and the Think Tank Leadership Training. His focus was on outcome measurement and think-tank best practices.

His research interests are economic mobility, economic development and monetary policy. He holds an MA in economics from George Mason University and a BA in economics from the Catholic University of Bolivia. He has lived in five countries throughout his life including Uruguay, Israel, Ecuador, Bolivia, and the United States.