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George Reisman

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George Reisman, Ph.D., is Pepperdine University Professor Emeritus of Economics, and the author of the 1096-page Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics (Ottawa, Illinois: Jameson Books, 1996; Kindle Edition, 2012). Along with his book, more than a dozen of his numerous articles and essays regularly appear among the 100 best-sellers in’s Kindle-book category “Free Enterprise.” His website is His blog See his author's page and follow him on Twitter @GGReisman.

Dr. Reisman is married to Edith Packer, J.D., Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, with whom he lives in Laguna Hills, California.

Dr. Reisman was a student of Ludwig von Mises, whose NYU seminar he attended for eight years and under whom he obtained his doctorate in economics in 1963. He is the translator of von Mises's Epistemological Problems of Economics (New York: D. Van Nostrand, 1960). From1957 until her death in 1982, he was an associate of Ayn Rand.

George Reisman's Articles

The Toxicity of Environmentalism

Prominent environmentalists express ideas and wishes which, if acted upon, would mean terror and death for enormous numbers of human beings.

- September 01, 1992

Production Versus Consumption

The difference between the "productionist" and "consumptionist" schools of economic thought is clearly drawn.

- October 01, 1964

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