Federico N. Fernández

Federico N. Fernández is the President & CEO of Fundación Internacional Bases and of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference "The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century," which is held alternately in Europe and Latin America.

Federico's work, whether articles or campaigns, has appeared in The Economist (UK), El País (Spain), Yahoo Finance (USA), El Comercio (Peru), Folha de São Paulo (Brazil), Newsweek (USA), Asahi Shimbun (Japan), and La Nación (Argentina), among others.

Federico has given lectures on three continents, is the author of academic articles, and co-editor of the books " “Al maestro Dr. Alberto Benegas Lynch (h)” (2022), "Austrian economics 150 years after Carl Menger" (2021), "The indispensability of freedom" (2020), "An Austrian in Argentina: Essays in honor of Alberto Benegas Lynch (Jr)" (2015), and “La escuela austríaca de economía en el siglo XXI” (2007).