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David Osterfeld

Dr. Osterfeld was assistant professor of political science at Saint Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Indiana.


David Osterfeld's Articles

Overpopulation: The Perennial Myth

The prospect of the Malthusian nightmare is growing steadily more remote.

- September 01, 1993

The Bureaucracy Problem

Why socialism requires bureaucracy to cope with problems of priorities, efficiency, and distribution.

- March 01, 1979

The Free Market and the "Tyranny of Wealth"

The monopolies in the Progressive period: a market or governmental development?

- December 01, 1976

Marx, Mises and the Interest Doctrines

Whether one sees conflict or harmony of interests under capitalism depends upon his theory of value.

- April 01, 1975

Marx, Mises and Socialism

Further thoughts concerning the vital role of the market and money for economic calculation.

- October 01, 1974

The Nature of Modern Warfare

A study of the path to war via domestic welfare programs and departure from the market.

- April 01, 1972

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