David Kelley

Dr. Kelley Is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Vassar College.


David Kelley's Articles

The Bases of Economic Planning

Behind the "reasonable" facade of the planned society lies a deep-seated philosophical hostility toward reason.

- March 01, 1979

Liberty and Property

The disregard of property rights opens the door to the suppression of ideas.

- October 01, 1975

Justice in the Market

Freedom and justice stand together, jointly opposed to collectivism.

- January 01, 1975

The Necessity of Government

Coercion has a place in social life, but it must be kept in place.

- April 01, 1974

On Economic Rights

There's an important difference between the natural rights to one's own life and property and the spurious claims against others.

- September 01, 1969

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