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David Hebert is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Ferris State University. His interests include public finance and property rights.

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Kickstarter Saved Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit

Where Neil Armstrong took a giant leap for mankind, the American public takes a small step towards smaller government. 

- August 10, 2015

Please Protect Us from Santa Claus

If cheap imports hurt the economy, imagine the damage done by Saint Nick!

GDP Economics: Fat or Muscle?

Changing how productivity is measured does not increase productivity.

- October 27, 2014

The Paradox of Public Assistance

Instead of simply distributing more welfare, we should focus on removing the barriers that keep people from becoming productive.

- January 24, 2014

If You Like Your Governance, You Can Keep It

Once you get past the scary terms, the case for anarcho-capitalism resembles the case for, say, being able to shop around for your healthcare. 

- December 11, 2013

That Cold-Hearted Discipline

Economics does not so much teach greed but rather the beauty of cooperation. How else could we explain how a woolen coat gets made, how Paris gets fed, or how a pencil gets made?

- October 30, 2013

Helping Consumers by Avoiding Taxes

Congress has been bullying Apple, Google, and other companies who move business offshore to avoid taxes—even when they do it legally. Simply reducing tax rates would make loopholes less valuable and would benefit both consumers and producers.

- June 24, 2013

Oklahoma: The Economic Storm

A tornado ravaged Oklahoma last week, destroying hundreds of homes, killing dozens, and injuring hundreds more. Unfortunately, it looks like the citizens of Oklahoma are about to be ravaged by another storm brought on by the Oklahoma Attorney General.

- May 24, 2013

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