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David Gornoski

David Gornoski is your neighbor – as well as an entrepreneur, speaker and writer. He recently launched a project called A Neighbor’s Choice, which seeks to introduce Jesus’ culture of nonviolence to both Christians and the broader public.

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How Jesus Exorcized Ancient Collectivism

A counter-cultural force has emerged in history that produces counter-stories that are slowly eroding our dominant collectivist notions of the world. These stories leave their fingerprints on our social norms and desires regardless of our awareness of them and regardless of how collectivist groups fraudulently misappropriate them for their own violent campaigns. These stories are good news for all misfits, indeed, all persons looking for the courage to reject the lie of the crowd that is collectivism. 

I call it the personhood revolution and its founder is Jesus of Nazareth.

- January 06, 2017

Power Perfected in Weakness: Saturnalia vs. Christmas

What kind of strange power is perfected in weakness? The answer to this mystery continues to erode the very foundations of strong structures, political-social orders, across the globe wherever the story is told and imitated, however palely by its imitators.


- December 24, 2016

Reject the Violence of Voting

The only way out of this nightmare is to stop hiring anyone to initiate violence on your behalf.

- September 09, 2016

The Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony Reveals the Aesthetic of Statism

The Gotthard Tunnel ceremony is a childish attempt at thumbing statist noses at Jesus's cultural aesthetic and its power to weaken strong structures wherever its story spreads.

- August 31, 2016

The End of Stoning: Jesus and the Personhood Revolution

“The Gospel text can be read almost allegorically, as the emergence of genuine personhood out of the primordial mob.”

- August 11, 2016

The Cannibalistic Origins of the State

Archaeological evidence suggests ritual human dismemberment and cannibalism was an essential worldwide phenomenon of ubiquitous prehistoric and ancient pagan religions.

- August 05, 2016

The State is the Religion of the Hidden Corpse

The state – our old-time religion – will perish under the weight of its own lies. It's up to us to form a new world order based on nonviolent cooperation and forbearance.

- July 21, 2016

Law Has Become the Anonymous Violence of the Crowd

Who among you will carry out the next act of violence against your nonviolent neighbor? We cannot hide behind the veil of the voting or jury booth. Face to face, we must make our choice.

- July 14, 2016

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