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Voting Advances Liberty

Libertarians can help build a freer tomorrow by voicing market-oriented public policy ideas through the channels elections open up.

- November 03, 2014

Dazed and Confused

Trying to neatly summarize an entire generation’s politics is tricky business, but millennials seem likely to move the world in a more libertarian direction.  

- July 22, 2014

The State as a Metanarrative

Most people don’t see postmodernism and libertarianism as sharing much in common. But libertarians can learn a thing or two from postmodernism’s analysis—and even deconstruction—of metanarratives.

- March 29, 2014

Freedom of Association Is No Excuse to Target Gays

Libertarians should think twice before supporting laws that target specific groups, especially when good principles are used to mask questionable motives.

- March 04, 2014

The Myths of School Vouchers, Then and Now

School voucher myths have changed little over 50 years. Evidence against them, though, has mounted steadily.

- January 27, 2014

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