FEE Is Looking for the Next Hazlitt

Job Description: Hazlitt Apprentice at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

About Us: The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is a leading economics and liberty education organization dedicated to advancing the freedom philosophy, sound economics, and the principles of a free society, including individual liberty, free markets, limited government, and personal character.

Position Overview: FEE is accepting applications for our fourth cohort of Hazlitt apprentices. The Hazlitt Apprenticeship is an intensive 6-month apprenticeship for “creative thinkers, writers, and talkers” who aspire to emulate Frédéric Bastiat, Leonard E. Read, and the program’s namesake, Henry Hazlitt. As a Hazlitt Apprentice, you will attend weekly lectures and workshops to deepen your understanding of the freedom philosophy and sound economic thinking, as well as strengthen your ability to share and popularize these ideas through social media and articles. You will be mentored by FEE’s Director of Content Dan Sanchez.

Stipend: $900/month

Time Commitment: 10 hr/week


  1. Attend a weekly educational lecture about the foundations of FEE’s philosophy, derived from the works of Henry Hazlitt, Leonard Read, and Frédéric Bastiat.
  2. Complete required readings, including 1-2 book chapters and 2-3 articles per week.
  3. Participate in a weekly livestreamed discussion of readings, lectures, and current discourse, followed by a content workshop.
  4. Craft daily compelling and articulate educational tweets (or other micro-content) explaining or applying the ideas discussed during the week’s readings and lectures.
  5. Write, workshop, revise, and publish a substantial explainer essay demonstrating your mastery of one of the lessons covered in the coursework.
  6. Learn and perform additional types of media production for FEE’s digital channels, which may include livestream production, lecture production, podcast production, clip production, graphic design, social media production, and eBook editing and production.


  1. Strong alignment with libertarian principles and a deep commitment to the values of individual liberty, free markets, and limited government.
  2. Avid autodidact of Austrian economics and libertarian philosophy, demonstrating a desired understanding of foundational ideas.
  3. Interest and ability for learning how to build audiences on social media platforms with high-reach and high-quality educational content.
  4. Diligent and patient approach to content feedback, revision, and workshopping.
  5. Passion for becoming an exceptional writer and communicator of ideas.
  6. Demonstrated interest in continuous learning and personal development.
  7. Prior experience in content management, social media, multimedia production, or related roles is preferred.

Application Process: To apply, please email to Dan Sanchez your resume, a cover letter explaining how good of a fit you are with the above responsibilities and qualifications, samples of your relevant work, and links to your social media accounts and published content archives. Please also include a list of your favorite books on Austrian economics and libertarian philosophy.

At FEE, we believe in fostering an environment that encourages intellectual growth, creative thinking, and principled discourse. If you are a dedicated libertarian who is passionate about sharing the ideas of liberty, we encourage you to join our team and contribute to our mission of empowering future leaders with knowledge and understanding.