Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FEE’s Essential Guide to Poverty and Inequality

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This guide serves as an introduction to the issues surrounding inequality and poverty, and addresses many of the economic policies that effectively prevent those affected from making progress and escaping the cycle of poverty. Here we cover subjects like the slowing of economic growth, how and why mass schooling is used as a tool for social control, and the controversy regarding raising the minimum wage, as well as other pertinent issues.

It is our hope that this guide will help you better understand the many underlying pieces of this complex puzzle, why poverty and inequality are such important and widely misunderstood problems, and what needs to happen in order for change to take place.

The first step towards growth and progress is to adopt an empathetic posture and a compassionate response, and attempt to truly understand the basic causes of both poverty and prosperity. Poverty has a common set of causes and as many countries have discovered, there are effective solutions for raising the standard of living for the poor.

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