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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ten Interesting Reads on the 2017 Golden Globe Winners

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Congratulations to Golden Globes winners! See FEE’s articles on 2016’s best film and TV:

  1. Moana’s Tragedy of the Commons
  2. Right Conquers Might (Game of Thrones)
  3. “Atlanta” Delivers Cultural Enlightenment and Black Excellence
  4. Economics and Classical Music: It’s a Jungle (Mozart in the Jungle)
  5. Why Are We Fascinated with Terrible Public Performances? (Florence Foster Jenkins)
  6. Louis XIV of France Founded the Nation-State, But How and Why? (Versailles and The Crown)
  7. Zootopia Seems Strangely Familiar
  8. Try Everything! Shakira Is Right (Zootopia)
  9. Mr. Robot Deals Frankly with Bitcoin and the Future of Money
  10. The Leadership of The Crown

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